Gaslight Anthem Upgraded To The Ulster Hall-Nov 22

30 08 2010


Last week I was having a few light ales with one of my bezzie mates while watching Summerslam. “Here, c’mere,” began said bezzie mate. “Did you hear the boul Gaslight Anthem has been upgraded to the Ulster Hall?” “Fuck away off,” was my charming reply and lo and behold, four days later it was announced that the gig has indeed been moved from the Mandela Hall to the somewhat roomier Ulster Hall in Belfast.

I love me some Gaslight Anthem at the moment. ‘American Slang’ is one of my favourite albums of the year, ‘Orphans’ (featured below) is an amazing song and I love the band’s sound in general and their lyrics are vaguely Morrissey-esque (“Everybody leaves so why wouldn’t you?”) if our Moz was a Yank. If you haven’t got a ticket for the show yet, then you should get one sharpish as it’ll be one of the gigs of the year. Fo’ reals.



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