Trailer for the Walking Dead

25 08 2010

Back in 2000, my brother ordered issue one of a comic called Battle Pope by a then fledging writer named Robert Kirkman. Loyal sort that he is, our Martin then proceeded to buy anything that came out under the Kirkman name for the next ten years (and counting) as he loved the concept. In 2003, the beardy scribe was still pretty much an unknown when he released issue one of the Walking Dead (and Invincible) but both titles have since gone on to be worth a small fortune on the back issue market.

The Walking Dead in particular eventually clicked with the masses too and as soon as I read the first six-issue arc I loved the story of Rick Grimes as much as my big bruv and even went through a phase of buying people volume one of the trade/hardcover in a bid to convert them to the epic zombie saga.

Seven years on, and the Walking Dead is a million times more popular than is ever was and has just reached issue 75. This October, the cult will probably grow even bigger with the debut of the spin-off TV series and here’s the 5 minute trailer below. Yes Martin, you were right all along…

NB: For maximum effect-listen to the Sword’s new album ‘Warp Riders’ while watching this.



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13 09 2010
Walking Dead Airs on FX Channel On Nov 5 « Edwin McFee’s Blogging A Dead Horse

[…] weeks ago where I wrote about the Walking Dead spin-off TV show (if not, here’s a handy linky Well, it looks like Sky viewers in the UK and Ireland will be able to watch episode one of the […]

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