Trash Talk NME Review

22 06 2010

It’s safe to say that this morning I was a bit grumpy, but a quick blast of ‘Explode’ by Trash Talk sorted all that out quick sharpish. If you haven’t heard their new record yet it’s well worth checking out for blowing the cobwebs off your brainbox. Here’s my review of it that ran in the NME.

Trash Talk

Eyes & Nines (Hassle)


In many ways Sacramento-based sludgecore outfit Trash Talk’s third album is a master-class in sonic violence. Majoring in decapitation by guitar, the much talked about mob’s 60second assaults could give Bruce Banner a run for his money in the rage stakes and the record as a whole features more short sharp shocks than a dodgy kettle. Yes, we could have done without the plodding, church-baiting ‘Hash Wednesday,’ but songs like ‘Explode,’ and ‘On a fix’ more than make up for it and are so abrasive that the album should carry a government health warning. Edwin McFee




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29 10 2010
8 11 2010

Will have a read of that in a bit mate. cheers for the link.

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