New Issue Of Metal Hammer On Sale Now

29 06 2010

As the title may suggest, the new Metal Hammer is out and my reviews of Metallica in Belfast and Garcia Plays Kyuss in Dublin are in there as well as some words on Download and the new Mael Mordha record. Go have a look.

Here’s what’s in the rest of the issue-


THE GOLDEN GODS are here! Read all about the biggest and best metal awards show in the world! The winners, the losers, the live sets, the girls, the gods and the massive amount of Jagermeister that inevitably accompany the celebrations! OZZY OSBOURNE talks to Hammer about his world-beating return to form album and the new band that created it. And KORN explain how they’re gone back to their roots for the best album in years!

We pay tribute to fallen hero RONNIE JAMES DIO, speak to GLENN DANZIG about his latest dark opus and welcome back Swedish true metallers, GRAND MAGUS with their latest offering, Hammer Of The North. RAMMSTEIN’S Christoph Schneider tells us his life story, we put the difficult questions to former Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver bassist DUFF MCKAGAN – not least about his most recent Duff McKagan’s Loaded project, and ALICE COOPER tells us about the making of his classic Welcome To My Nightmare album. Metal Detector this month talks through SHADOWSFALL’S impressive back catalogue.

Also in the magazine is your very own Official IRON MAIDEN ‘Final Frontier’ pin badge, a massive artwork poster and SLIPKNOT poster too!

The CD this month is our frankly awesome The New British Empire CD with tracks from the best of the UK underground from bands that are soon to break out of it! FEED THE RHINO, THE DEFILED, TRC, FURYON, TURBOWOLF and many many more!


NME Review Of The Joy Formidable Live In Belfast

25 06 2010

The Joy Formidable

Spring and Airbrake, Belfast, Saturday, May 29

Shuffling onstage amid a wall of ear-buggering feedback, Welsh/English trio the Joy Formidable roll up their metaphorical sleeves and get straight down to business this evening, quickly serving up huge slabs of suicide rock “like they used to make in the ‘90s.” Yeah, their recycled sound borrows heavily from Veruca Salt and the Juliana Hatfield Three’s songbook, but the pure power pop suss of ‘Cradle’ and crowd favourite ‘Popinjay’ ensures that there’s more to the band than furious riffs and a front-lady who looks a little bit like (whisper it) Kim Gordon in her youth.

And while they’ve yet to unleash their debut offering (that’ll be happening later on in the year we’re told), a respectable smattering of the crowd sing along to every word of EVERY song as the pit heroes at the front throw the kind of mad shapes you’d expect at a party round Leatherface’s gaff. ‘Austere’ in particular (culled from their mini-album ‘A Balloon Called Moaning’) is a portent for the greatness to come and it boasts a sugar sweet melody coupled with a riff that’s fuzzier than a billy-goat’s bum. If Ritzy Bryan and Co. can make a record full of songs as good as that, then surely superstardom beckons. Either way, as it stands right now, we’re mad about the Joy. Edwin McFee

Aces High Vuvuzela Style!

24 06 2010

As most readers of this blog will already know-I fucking love Iron Maiden. Ever since I was 8 they’ve been almost like a religion for me and I can always count on them to deliver no matter what. People come and people go, but Maiden’s music will be there forever and I’m as big a fan now as I was in 1987. Now, over the years I’ve read and seen many odd Maiden related things (especially since the interwebs came along)  but this, my friends, is possibly one of the weirdest/coolest things I’ve ever viewed. Fair play to the buck eijits.

Up the Irons.

Church of Noise 5

23 06 2010

Here’s a reprint of Church of Noise 5 that ran in issue 199 of the  Big List.

Church of Noise

Local music news

Earlier this year, your humble correspondent made his way down to the Square Peg in Warrenpoint to help out judging a battle of the bands. With six acts on the bill and the prize worth £2500 it was a tough decision choosing a winner, but ultimately we gave the nod to Silhouette (AKA Shauna Tohill and her band of musical marauders). This month she releases her new single ‘Volume Destroyed’ on May 24 via VM Records (which was part of her prize) and while we have yet to hear a copy at the time of going to print, we’re sure it’s an amazing piece of work. Produced by knob twiddler extraordinaire Neal Calderwood, the release coincides with a full-on Irish tour and Shauna has also planned a special party in Belfast on May 29 to officially launch the slab of wax so keep your eyes peeled on Here’s hoping she saves us some cake.

 Remember how a few issues back we mentioned the new Take it to the Bridge festival in Banbridge ( Well it seems like the organisers have scored a bit of a coo as they’ve managed to bag themselves the Futureheads to headline the day (not literally of course, as that would be illegal). Yes readers, the Sunderland-based affecionados of tight jeans and spiky riffs are making their way over for the bash on July 3 and a little birdy tells us that our mention of the chicken burgers from Friar Tuck’s was what ultimately sealed the deal for the four-piece…

News reaches us this issue that Derry’s dance supremos Japanese Popstars have inked a deal with the mighty EMI/Virgin records. Now that they’re backed by possibly one of the largest labels in the universe, their as yet untitled second record (out June 5) should see the trio become one of the biggest acts on the scene today and we can’t think of a band more deserving. Staying with the trio for a second, they release a new single called ‘Destroy’ on May 28 and it features vocals by legendary funk punk warbler Jon Spencer (from the Blues Explosion) and very good it is too. Expect Decky and Co. to be announcing festival dates soon as they slowly unveil their plans for global domination.

Finally, if you’ve even the slightest interest in punk rock, local history, or even (gasp) politics, then we urge you to check out the fantastic documentary about the much missed venue/youth centre Giros, which was lovingly put together by NVTV. For those (like this writer) who didn’t grow up in Belfast during the 80s and 90s and also for those who perhaps have never heard the name before, Giros was a much needed home away from home for hundreds of punks and alternative kids over the years and provided a space for gigs and spoken word performances and also featured a vegetarian/vegan café. While the building closed in 2004, its spirit still lives on in some of the original volunteers and the documentary features some great interviews from the old guard and it’s well worth a watch. Check it out here

See y’all next month folks. Up the Irons.


Calling All NI bands….

22 06 2010

If you’re in a band in Northern Ireland (or indeed from the Republic) you’ll be interested to know that Hot Press and some beer company are looking for acts to join the Arthur’s Day gig on September 23.

More info here

Deep Purple Moved To St George’s Market

22 06 2010

For some reason or other, there seems to have been a bit of confusion on the interwebs about where the Deep Purple gig in Belfast is taking place next week. Well, wonder no more readers. It’s defin-tootily, 100per cent in St. George’s Market.


Hi folks,
Due to technical and production reasons the Deep Purple gig scheduled for Custom House Square next Monday 28th June will now take place in St.Georges Market. Timings remain the same, as does price and of course original tickets remain valid.

Limited press tickets available
Plus Sweet Savage
NEXT MONDAY – 28th JUNE 2010
£38.00/6pm/Tickets on sale now

Deep Purples a Belfast date at Customs House Square has now been moved to St.Georges Market.  Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, they are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although some band members have tried not to categorise themselves as any one genre.  The band also incorporated classical music, blues-rock, pop and progressive rock elements.  They were once listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s loudest band, and have sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Deep Purple were ranked #22 on VH1’s Greatest Artists of Hard Rock  program.  Deep Purple play St.Georges Market NEXT Monday –  28th June 2010, tickets are on sale now priced £38.00 inc booking fee from   and 0844 277 44 55. < /

Venue:                         St.Georges Market
Date:                           Monday 28th June 2010
Ticket Price:               £38.00 including booking fee
Doors:                         6:00pm
Support:                      Sweet Savage
In person:                   From 22 Ticketmaster outlets province wide / Eason’s  / Katy Dalys
24hr hotlines:             Tel: (NI) 0844 277 44 55 (ROI) 0818 719 300 / 02890243 4455
Buy online:          /

Trash Talk NME Review

22 06 2010

It’s safe to say that this morning I was a bit grumpy, but a quick blast of ‘Explode’ by Trash Talk sorted all that out quick sharpish. If you haven’t heard their new record yet it’s well worth checking out for blowing the cobwebs off your brainbox. Here’s my review of it that ran in the NME.

Trash Talk

Eyes & Nines (Hassle)


In many ways Sacramento-based sludgecore outfit Trash Talk’s third album is a master-class in sonic violence. Majoring in decapitation by guitar, the much talked about mob’s 60second assaults could give Bruce Banner a run for his money in the rage stakes and the record as a whole features more short sharp shocks than a dodgy kettle. Yes, we could have done without the plodding, church-baiting ‘Hash Wednesday,’ but songs like ‘Explode,’ and ‘On a fix’ more than make up for it and are so abrasive that the album should carry a government health warning. Edwin McFee


New Thor Footage

15 06 2010

I’m excited. Realllly wanna see how the Warrior’s Three turn out though.

Off To Donington Tomorrow

10 06 2010

As of tomorrow (Friday, June 11) I’ll be at Donington watching the likes of Billy Idol and Suicidal Tenedencies, getting my drink on and writing some reviews. I’m back in Belfast on Monday, so I’ll reply to everyone then.

Buh bye.

Iron Maiden release new track ‘El Dorado’

8 06 2010

Well this morning I’ve got piles of features to get through before I head over to Download, but as Iron Maiden have released a new song (‘El Dorado’) today and unveiled the amazing cover of their new record (out August 16) I figured fuck it. It can wait. Have a listen to the song below. I love the new Eddie and the gallop is back! More details can be found here