2010 Irish Blog Awards

22 02 2010

I’m in a celebratory mood today, as over the weekend I found out that this very site has been nominated in this year’s Irish Blog Awards. There are a veritable truck-load of other great blogs on the list and I’m happy (and proud) to be in among them.

For any new readers I’ve picked up off the back of this-here’s a brief idea of what you can expect from Blogging a Dead Horse. A year and a half ago I was inspired to start the site after being a panelist at a new media conference. Figuring that as it was free I wasn’t really taking any risks, I started the blog purely for fun. Comprising of interviews, reviews and news pieces (some old, some new, some borrowed and yes, some even a bit blue) the site has been mostly geared towards Northern Irish and Irish music for the last 8 months or so, with nods to favourite records and interviews I’ve done cropping up every now and again (there’ll also be some comics and wrestling posts when the feeling takes me too).

I’m really passionate about independent music in this country and in my opinion any journalists with even a shred of interest in music/the arts should do what they can to let people know about great bands as we don’t really get a fair crack of the whip here. For every success story like Therapy? or Ash there are great bands like Joyrider who have slipped through the cracks and that’s a shame. For the past 7 and a half years I’ve been doing what I can in the papers and magazines to make sure that that doesn’t happen as often and I suppose this blog is a great way to spread the word even further.

Anyway, enough from me. Check out this link http://awards.ie/blogawards/2010/02/20/2010-irish-blog-awards-nominations/ for the rest of the runners. There are some great blogs on the list, so have a look through the names and give a few a chance.

Up the Irons