26 02 2010

I’m off to Scotland in the morning and will be back in Belfast on Monday night, so if anyone’s looking for me, I’ll get back to you when I fly back.

Up the Irons.

The Smoking Hearts

24 02 2010

On Monday one of my best mates emailed me, telling me about a band called the Smoking Hearts, figuring I’ll love them. Fast forward two days later and somewhat spookily my editor at NME has asked me to look after the band’s album review. So today I’ve been listening to their record ‘Pride Of Nowhere’ on constant rotation and I’m obsessed by it. It’s like Valient Thorr, Zeke and a scuzzier Hellacopters all rolled into one and it makes every other band I’ve heard over the last 6months look like dong bags.

Here’s a clip for ‘Give Em The Suit.’ It won’t be for everyone but I adore this band already.

Oxegen ’10

23 02 2010

This year’s Oxegen has been announced and we’ve got Enimem, Muse and Kasabian as headliners. Last week I predicted two out of the three (didn’t figure on Slim Shady) so it’s a shame I’m not a betting man… I’ve actually interviewed both Muse and Kasabian in the past, so maybe I’ll make it a hat trick in the months to come..

Anyway-there were piles more acts unveiled today including Black Eyed Peas, Jay Z, the Gossip, Florence and the Machine and you can can have a look at the full list here-http://www.hotpress.com/Oxegen%202010/news/Oxegen-lineup-announced/6260960.html

2010 Irish Blog Awards

22 02 2010

I’m in a celebratory mood today, as over the weekend I found out that this very site has been nominated in this year’s Irish Blog Awards. There are a veritable truck-load of other great blogs on the list and I’m happy (and proud) to be in among them.

For any new readers I’ve picked up off the back of this-here’s a brief idea of what you can expect from Blogging a Dead Horse. A year and a half ago I was inspired to start the site after being a panelist at a new media conference. Figuring that as it was free I wasn’t really taking any risks, I started the blog purely for fun. Comprising of interviews, reviews and news pieces (some old, some new, some borrowed and yes, some even a bit blue) the site has been mostly geared towards Northern Irish and Irish music for the last 8 months or so, with nods to favourite records and interviews I’ve done cropping up every now and again (there’ll also be some comics and wrestling posts when the feeling takes me too).

I’m really passionate about independent music in this country and in my opinion any journalists with even a shred of interest in music/the arts should do what they can to let people know about great bands as we don’t really get a fair crack of the whip here. For every success story like Therapy? or Ash there are great bands like Joyrider who have slipped through the cracks and that’s a shame. For the past 7 and a half years I’ve been doing what I can in the papers and magazines to make sure that that doesn’t happen as often and I suppose this blog is a great way to spread the word even further.

Anyway, enough from me. Check out this link http://awards.ie/blogawards/2010/02/20/2010-irish-blog-awards-nominations/ for the rest of the runners. There are some great blogs on the list, so have a look through the names and give a few a chance.

Up the Irons


Tony Starch

17 02 2010

For years Iron Man has always played second fiddle to Marvel’s big boys-Spider-Man, the Hulk and Wolverine, but thanks to the success of his film, old Tony Stark has finally made the A-team. Proof (if you ever needed it) of his new found popularity comes in the form of his soon to be released Mr Potato Hea spin-off Tony Starch.

How much does he rule?

General Fiasco-Ever So Shy

17 02 2010

On March 8, General Fiasco release their new single ‘Ever So Shy’ and it’s easily my favourite track from their debut. Here’s the video-

Church Of Noise #1

15 02 2010

As some of you may have noticed-I’ve started doing a column in the Big List called the Church of Noise. It’s basically a round up of what’s happening music wise in the north with me throwing in a few willy and boobie jokes for good measure. It’s one of those columns where they require a pic to go along with it, so I’m sending in a daft photo in every month because I’d be mortified if anyone thought I was one of “those” writers with the really serious, photo-shopped  mug shot….

Oh and while I am getting my blog on-check out this week’s Hot Press for (yet another) photo of me plus a biog in the featured contributor section.

Anyway-here’s Church of Noise #1

Church of Noise

Local music news with NME and Hot Press scribe Edwin McFee

In the immortal words of NI’s greatest band Therapy?-“Welcome to the church of noise.” Each month we aim to bring you all the latest happenings in the local music scene plus news of gigs, albums and any scandalous goings on we hear. So, if you’re a fan of Fighting with Wire, General Fiasco and more, or if you’re that dude from Ajenda who keeps emailing me about their demo then your luck’s in as this is where you will get to read about it all.

First off, fresh from bothering Coronation Street viewers’ ear-holes with their ace single ‘Long May You Reign’ by way of the Discover Northern Ireland advert, John Shelly and the Creatures are set to unveil their debut album ‘Dinosaur.’ Released on March 5 via iTunes, the band are about to undertake an extensive tour down south, will feature in session on former Late Late Show presenter Pat Kenny’s radio on show on RTE Radio 1 and my friends south of the border tell me the band have been making plenty of new fans already. But enough talk about all these shows happening down Mexico way we hear you cry, when are they playing here? Well readers, the band will launch their album with a gig in Auntie Annie’s on March 4 and support comes from Queer Giraffes and Before Machines.

It seems that being a bass player in a local band these days is a bit like being the coolest kid in school as there are a ton (well ok, not literally unless NI bands have gone on a pie eating rampage) of acts looking for someone to bring the low end. If we mentioned them all, then this issue of the Big List would be like the Never Ending Story (only without the flying furry dudes and sweet soundtrack) so we’ll pick three bands in need at random. First up Katie and the Carnival seek some four string action and if you think you’re up to the job then check out their MySpace (www.myspace.com/katieandthecarnival) to listen to their Camille O’Sullivan/Nico-esque noise. Secondly, awkward alt rock noise assassins (author’s note-we can’t prove that they’re actually assassins) Delirium Tremens also need a bassist after some in-band reshuffling, so have a listen to www.myspace.com/deliriumtremensrock and see if you fit the part. Lastly, stoner rock behemoths Howlin’ Widow also desperately need some low end throbbing and if early Sabbath, Kyuss and Goatsnake are your bag (and why wouldn’t it be?) then check out their MySpace on www.myspace.com/howlinwidow. Hell, even if you can’t play bass, check out Howlin’ Widow any way as they kick more ass than a football match between Newry and Larne.

Finally, as most of you already know-a huge earthquake decimated Haiti recently. Keen to do their bit, the NI music scene have banned together for a gig on January 31 at the Spring and Airbrake, the Limelight and Katy Daly’s. Organized by Ron from the Black Bear Saloon, Anto from Tin Pot Operation and John from Bruised Fruit, it features 50bands including the Answer and General Fiasco and while it’s already no doubt been mentioned in the Big List it’s worth stating again that you need to be at this show. For more information and for up to the minute news, click on www.twitter.com/belfast4haiti.

See y’all next month folks. Up the Irons.



PS-This month’s photo was taken backstage at Download 07 after Valient Thorr’s set-hence the reason why I look fuckin’ mentals.

Valient Thorr-Man Behind The Curtain

13 02 2010

Today is a Valient Thorr day. Easily one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.

HIM NME Review

10 02 2010

Last week my review of the surprisingly tuneful new HIM record ran in the NME, so here’s a reprint.


Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice



Seven albums in and panda eyed love metallers HIM have thrown us all a curve ball-they’ve made a record that we could actually give a shit about. Clearly pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, Ville Valo’s mob flirts with drum and bass (‘Like St. Valentine’) glam rock (‘Dying Song’) and electro pop (‘In the Arms of Rain’) to deliver tunes tailor made for the next Twilight soundtrack. Yes, the lyrics are still as vomit inducing as ever and make celebrity Jesus lover Stephen Baldwin look tactful in comparison, but then the Finnish five-piece have never been the most self aware. It may have taken them 19years to make a decent racket, but they got there in the end. Edwin McFee

DOWNLOAD: ‘Like St. Valentine’

News From The North Week 47

8 02 2010

Would you believe this week marks the 2nd birthday of my NI band news column in Hot Press? Mad, isn’t it? Two years on and I’m pleased to report that bands from my neck of the woods are starting to get the recognition/breaks they deserve and I’m still as fired up about writing about them as I ever was. This fortnight’s issue of Hot Press is out on Thursday, so here’s last issue’s piece.

Support your scene. Cynicism is for dicks and rich kids.


Words: Edwin McFee

This fortnight has been mostly spent recalling the heady days of summer 2009 and more importantly the local band love-in that was Glasgowbury. Why is that we hear you cry? Well this week we’ve received word from the organisers that they’re now accepting submissions to take part in this year’s festival. If you’re in a band and want to feature on the bill, then post out a press pack (including an up to date biog and CD) to Glasgowbury Music Group, Unit B1, the Business Centre, Tobermore Road, Draperstown, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland BT45 7AG. We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to revisiting the noodle bar that ran out of noodles and the always entertaining campsite already.

Congrats to And So I Watch You From Afar and the Duckworth Lewis Method who have made the shortlist for the Choice Music Prize. While this writer feels that there should be a few more NI names on that list apart from the customary token few, it’s always nice to see hard working bands get some recognition. The live show takes place on March 3 in Vicar Street and we’d like to wish everyone good luck.

Fancy yourself as the next Steve Harris, Phil Lynott or even, er, yer man from the Jonas Brothers who sometimes plays an instrument onstage? Well, you might just be in luck this month as Delirium Tremens are on the hunt for a new bass player. Eager the fill the hole left by DT’s mainstay Brian, the band are urging anyone with an appetite for destruction (and by destruction we mean good old fashioned alternative rock) to email glennlyall@hotmail.com if they want the gig.  

Comply or Die have made a video for their thunderous track ‘Love Under Will.’ The clip, which was directed by Ron from the Black Bear Saloon (more on him in a minute) features enough fake blood to give Rob Zombie himself the willies and you can view it here-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Kuo9LD9Q8. Comply or Die also have a shed-load of dates coming up so check out their website www.diecomply.com to see if they’re playing in your town, village or mud hut.

Finally, as most of you already know-a huge earthquake decimated Haiti recently. Keen to do their bit, the NI music scene have banned together for a gig on January 31. Organized by Ron from the Black Bear Saloon, Anto from Tin Pot Operation and John from Bruised Fruit, it features 50bands including the Answer and General Fiasco. For more information take a look at the HP news section and for up to the minute info click on www.twitter.com/belfast4haiti.