Belfast 4 Haiti Stage Times

29 01 2010

For anyone heading to the big bash this Sunday-here’s the stage times-

Spring and Airbrake

Not Squares-3.45pm-4.15pm


Tin Pot Operation-5.15pm-5.45pm

Swanee River-6pm-6.30pm

Mojo Fury-6.45pm-7.15pm

Ten Gallon Hat-7.30pm-8pm

The Good Fight-8.15pm-8.45pm

Olympic Lifts-9pm-9.30pm

The Answer-9.45pm-10.15pm

Panama Kings-10.30pm-11pm

Pocket Billiards-11.15pm-11.45pm

The Limelight


Comply or Die-4.15pm-4.45pm

The Beat Poets-5pm-5.30pm

Queer Giraffes-5.45pm-6.15pm

Black Bear Saloon-6.30pm-7pm

Dutch Schultz-7.15pm-7.45pm

The Lobotomies-8pm-8.30pm

Cashier No 9-8.45pm-9.15pm

A Plastic Rose-9.30pm-10pm

General Fiasco-10.15pm-10.45pm

In Case of Fire-11pm-11.30pm

Katy Daly’s

Suicide Dolphin Bombers-4pm-4.30pm

Brian Houston-4.45pm-5.15pm


The Rupture Dogs-6.15pm-6.45pm

Escape Act-7pm-7.30pm

Ben Glover-7.45pm-8.15pm

Team Laser Explosive-8.30pm-9pm

Uber Glitterati-9.15pm-9.45pm

Joe Echo-10pm-10.30pm

Colenso Parade-10.45pm-11.15pm

Axis Of-11.30pm-12am




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