OK Go NME Review

26 01 2010

This review ran in the NME last week (or thereabouts) so here’s a cheeky reprint.


Of the Blue Colour of the Sky



Judging by the evidence presented on their third record ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Sky,’ it would seem that those sultans of slacker rock OK Go are finding it hard to claw their way out of the shadow left by the treadmill toting video for their ’06 single ‘Here It Goes Again.’ You see all 13 (oooh spooky) of the tracks sound nothing like their much parodied clip and sadly that isn’t a good thing. While the likes of ‘Needing/Getting’s splicing of pervy pop with punch drunk sea shanties is pleasing enough, the half-arsed slap bass, calypso guitars and shameless aping of MGMT prove that these geeks should be jogging on now. Edwin McFee

DOWNLOAD: ‘Last Leaf’




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