Belfast 4 Haiti Stage Times

29 01 2010

For anyone heading to the big bash this Sunday-here’s the stage times-

Spring and Airbrake

Not Squares-3.45pm-4.15pm


Tin Pot Operation-5.15pm-5.45pm

Swanee River-6pm-6.30pm

Mojo Fury-6.45pm-7.15pm

Ten Gallon Hat-7.30pm-8pm

The Good Fight-8.15pm-8.45pm

Olympic Lifts-9pm-9.30pm

The Answer-9.45pm-10.15pm

Panama Kings-10.30pm-11pm

Pocket Billiards-11.15pm-11.45pm

The Limelight


Comply or Die-4.15pm-4.45pm

The Beat Poets-5pm-5.30pm

Queer Giraffes-5.45pm-6.15pm

Black Bear Saloon-6.30pm-7pm

Dutch Schultz-7.15pm-7.45pm

The Lobotomies-8pm-8.30pm

Cashier No 9-8.45pm-9.15pm

A Plastic Rose-9.30pm-10pm

General Fiasco-10.15pm-10.45pm

In Case of Fire-11pm-11.30pm

Katy Daly’s

Suicide Dolphin Bombers-4pm-4.30pm

Brian Houston-4.45pm-5.15pm


The Rupture Dogs-6.15pm-6.45pm

Escape Act-7pm-7.30pm

Ben Glover-7.45pm-8.15pm

Team Laser Explosive-8.30pm-9pm

Uber Glitterati-9.15pm-9.45pm

Joe Echo-10pm-10.30pm

Colenso Parade-10.45pm-11.15pm

Axis Of-11.30pm-12am


Black Bear Saloon Video

28 01 2010

Just before Christmas the Black Bear Saloon filmed a video for their ace track ‘Face the Future’ and this week it’s hit the web, so take a look.

Fun Fact #1: Yours truly was initially supposed to be roped in to play one of the bears, but it was on a Saturday morning so I stayed in my bed instead. Hey, you gotta get those extra sleeps while you can!

News From The North Week 46

27 01 2010

After a brief break for crimbo, my NI news column in Hot Press is back in action. The latest issue is onsale in a  few days, so here’s the words from the previous issue to keep you entertained.


Words: Edwin McFee

As it’s the New Year we thought it best to kick start it with some good news-namely the fantastic Silhouette winning the first prize at a battle of the bands in Warrenpoint last week. If you haven’t managed to see them yet, the band are the brainchild of Shauna Tohill and employ a cello, double bass and whatever instrument comes to mind mixing Dresden Dolls, Kate Bush and Tegan and Sara influences and coming up with something else entirely. By winning first prize, Silhouette scooped £2500 worth of booty which included the release of her first single via VM Records and we’ll keep you posted about release dates etc. By the way, if anyone from the Silhouette camp wants to send us over some leftover bubbly, then post it to us c/o Hot Press

On January 24, the Green Party’s North Down candidate for the upcoming Westminster election Steven Agnew is organizing a fundraiser in Auntie Annie’s, Belfast. What’s this got to do with music we hear you cry. Well, the bash is called the Wee Green Man Festival and features Axis Of and Adebisi Shank playing live and there’s also a DJ set from Not Squares so we think it’s relevant (plus Mr Agnew loves the Murder City Devils, which can only be a good thing). The cover charge is a £5 donation and for more information visit Should be a fun night.

Talking about showcase gigs, the ninth “Big Gig” takes place this Jan 22 at the Spring and Airbrake, Belfast and features a world beating line-up featuring a returning Yakuza (who play their first show in over a year) plucky contenders Before Machines and a headline slot by the inimitable Dirty Stevie. The Dirt are currently knee deep recording their debut record which will hopefully see the light of day this year and as it’s the first time they’ve ever headlined in the venue they’ll be chomping at the bit to pop their cherries in style (apologies for the mental image there folks). Admission is £4 and doors are at 9pm.

Finally, General Fiasco have revealed that they will release the mighty ‘Ever So Shy’ as a single on March 8 via Infectious Records. Possibly the band’s best song to date, the track should see the trio capitalize on their momentum quicker than James Corden chasing after the last chicken wing in the bucket and we wish them all the best. Their debut album ‘Buildings’ is slated for a March 22 release and judging by what we’ve heard from the sampler, it’s going to be a belter.

OK Go NME Review

26 01 2010

This review ran in the NME last week (or thereabouts) so here’s a cheeky reprint.


Of the Blue Colour of the Sky



Judging by the evidence presented on their third record ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Sky,’ it would seem that those sultans of slacker rock OK Go are finding it hard to claw their way out of the shadow left by the treadmill toting video for their ’06 single ‘Here It Goes Again.’ You see all 13 (oooh spooky) of the tracks sound nothing like their much parodied clip and sadly that isn’t a good thing. While the likes of ‘Needing/Getting’s splicing of pervy pop with punch drunk sea shanties is pleasing enough, the half-arsed slap bass, calypso guitars and shameless aping of MGMT prove that these geeks should be jogging on now. Edwin McFee

DOWNLOAD: ‘Last Leaf’

Belfast 4 Haiti Jan 31

22 01 2010

Planet Hulk Trailer

19 01 2010

Dudes, apols for the lack of updates. 6 different titles I write for are going to print this week so I’m snowed under. In the meantime, have a look at the new trailer for the Planet Hulk DVD (out Feb 15). It’s gonna rule!

Interview with the Luchagors

13 01 2010

I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was wee and I still keep up with what’s happening today. As the so-called Monday Night Wars between WWE and TNA are starting to heat up, I thought it’d be a good idea to reprint my interview with Amy “Lita” Dumas that I did for Hot Press during the summer. I’ve only ever interviewed one wrestler before (Chris Jericho) and he was a cock, so I wasn’t sure how she’d be. After receiving multiple messages from her on my voicemail (she kept ringing at the wrong time) I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good interview, but she was very sweet and proved that not all wrestlers are arseholes.

Ready To Rumble

 Ex WWE star Amy Dumas tells Edwin McFee all about her band the Luchagors and why playing punk rock beats wrestling any day of the week.

Although it pains us to admit it-when Hot Press catches up with former WWE Women’s Champion Amy Dumas (AKA Lita) we’re a little scared. You see not only could she convincingly kick our ass, but her current guise as frontwoman for smash-mouth punk rock outfit the Luchagors sees the star scale new heights in intensity. Add that to the fact that when we talk to her she’s barely awake and you’ve got one slightly nervous situation.

 “Don’t worry dude, I haven’t beaten anyone up in a while,” she laughs, not exactly putting us at ease.  “These days I work out all of my frustrations when we perform punk shows.”

When the four time Women’s Champ retired from the squared circle in ’06, she wasted little time in forming the Luchagors in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Their music calls to mind a glorious concoction of the Lunachicks, the Misfits, the Distillers and X and when we bring up the similarities Amy is admittedly flattered.

“I’m so glad you said that,” she smiles. “For me, being included in the same sentence as X is a huge thrill. Other people have said that we share that same intensity with them and it means a lot to me as they are a phenomenal band.”

At the moment the Luchagors are about to embark on their first ever Irish tour. Initially the band were due to play here earlier in the year, but after a drummer malfunction they had to postpone their inaugural visit.

 “Our old drummer Troy left earlier this year so we were in limbo for a while, but now we’ve got Racci [Shay Hart] on board and we’re better than ever. We can’t wait to get to Ireland and give you the craziest show you’ve ever seen.”

The Luchagors (their name is a play on the word Luchador, a Mexican wrestler, and the word gore which pays homage to their love of horror films) currently have a self titled debut on the shelves and it was produced by Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan. According to Amy, the band never had a choice on the matter.

“I met Rachel in a bar one night and he demanded that he produce our record, so I guess we had no other option” she laughs. “I’ve been friends with Rachel for years and he made us feel really comfortable in the studio. We’re like a family in many ways, which I love because I never really had that when I was in the WWE. What some people don’t know is that whenever you travelling to different towns you have to rent a car and get yourself there. It can be very lonely.”

It seems as if Amy got out of the wrestling business when the going was good what with the deaths of the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Test, Owen Hart and the murder-suicide of Chris Benoit and his family painting a grim image of the business as a whole. While most of her peers find it hard to hang up the tights for good, it looks like she has managed to escape that vicious circle.

“It’s a hard life being a wrestler,” she remarks. “Some people develop addictions, some find it hard to cope with the isolation and most of us put our bodies through hell but I have to say I loved my time as a wrestler. I had a good run and I don’t regret a thing.”

Unlike some former grapplers, Amy is extremely open about talking about her alter ego and she tells us that if fans of Lita want to come up and talk to her at a Luchagors gig, then she’s more than happy shooting the breeze.

“Hey-if kids want to come up and ask for my autograph or whatever-I’m cool with that. All I ask for in return is that they buy me a cider and I’ll talk all night with them. It’s funny because we get some people coming to check out the Luchagors who expect us to have a huge team of hired help-but that just isn’t true. All four of us load our equipment into the venue and our show is as in your face as possible. Quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


13 01 2010

For nearly all of 2009, whenever me and Carrie got a spare minute we’ve been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer series 1-7 and Angel series 1-5. She’s never seen them before and  it’s been fun for me rewatching them too (nearly ten years on from when I first saw them). Sadly all good things must come to an end though and a few nights ago we watched the last ever episode of Angel. To celebrate, Carrie made Seabreeze cocktails (with my brother kindly donating the vodka). For the unenlightened, the character Lorne (played by Andy Hallett, who sadly died last March) was always drinking them, so we figured it’d be a nice touch to help the series go out with a bang.

They really don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Russell Brand at the Odyssey

8 01 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, folks. It’s been crazy busy since Monday and it’s only winding down now (even though I’m working tomorrow too). Anyway, I thought I’d finish up the week by reprinting a review of Russell Brand at the Odyssey that ran in AU (which incidentally becomes a free sheet next month).

Russell Brand at the Odyssey, Belfast

Minutes before Russell Brand makes his way onstage, you can hear a multitude of obnoxious big haired ladies talking way too loudly, clearly hoping for a tickle on the funnyman’s love truncheon. Needless to say their efforts are in vain but they give it a good hard try until a VT comes on featuring all of the comedians most “outrageous” moments (the tour’s called Scandalous y’see….). As he strides onstage in bollock torturing trousers backed by AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ it’s obvious right from the get go that Brand hasn’t a clue how to fill the hour he’s been allotted onstage. In fact for the first fifteen minutes he spends his time strutting around like a peacock gone goth and saying hello to AU’s photographer instead of giving us laughs, but hey, his female followers seem to think it’s inspired…

Tonight’s show is a stark reminder that comedians need to keep writing material no matter what the circumstances. Case in point-our Russell relies far too much on Manuel-Gate (which was a year ago) and slagging off Twilight (which is such an easy target we reckon even Gordon Brown could come up with something remotely funny on the subject). Don’t get us wrong, Russell Brand can be a funny bloke. When he drops the façade and indulges in some self deprecatory humour (such as telling us Noel Gallagher thought he looked like Rev Al Sharpton when he presented the MTV Awards) it’s genuinely hilarious, but those moments are few and far between.

Tonight’s performance has taught us two things about the comedian. Firstly-he’s hopeless when he’s caught on the hop (when one pissed up mentalist beside us starts screaming about Bob Geldof he looks far too frightened to think of a comeback) and secondly his material is older than Bruce Forsyth’s hair-piece. While his show may have pleased the faithful, we think that there’s only so long he can continue with the same old schtick. File under D for disappointing. Edwin McFee

Don’t Judge The Judge

1 01 2010

Tomorrow night I’m one of the judges at a battle of the bands competition in the Square Peg in Warrenpoint. The prizes on offer are amazing, there are some great acts involved and if you’re coming down make sure to come up and say hello.