17 11 2009

Well, it looks like Ken Branagh has found his actors to play the Warriors Three in the up coming Thor film (out May 2011). As it turns out, the film seems like it’s going to be a bit of an Irish love-in with the director being from Belfast, Stuart Townsend (who plays Fandral the Dashing) hailing  from Dublin, Ray Stevenson (who plays Volstagg the Voluminous) was originally born in Lisburn and Tadanobu Asano (who plays Hogan the Grim) lives on the High Walk in Newry (OK, I’m only joking about that last one…).

So-to sum up-we’ve got these dudes as Thor’s mates-

…and in the comics they look like this-

I can’t wait. Have a look here for more info!

The Stupids NME Review

17 11 2009

And now, the end is near……

Yes readers, the thing I hate most about being a journalist  (compiling a ‘Top 20 Albums of the Year’ list for some of the places I write for) has reared its ugly head once more. Now I’m hopeless at this sorta thing. For some reason my mind always goes blank when people ask me my favourite (insert random word here). A  few weeks ago I got my Top 20 Albums and Singles outta the way for NME and this week I’m not only doing my Albums/Singles of the year for Hot Press, but I’ve also gotta put together a list for the decade too. EEP!

Anyway, while I’m trying my best to remember a pretty odd decade, here’s a review of an album that won’t make the list…





Sometimes things are better left in the past. Whether it’s Pat “Funhouse” Sharp’s hair or MC Hammer assuring us we can’t touch him, certain foibles should just be forgotten about. For all its obvious charms, punk rock is no different, but ever since Johnny Rotten pissed on the memory of the Pistols by jumping on the reunion bandwagon, there’s been a host of pretenders following suit. The Stupids are one such band and ‘The Kids Don’t Like It’ is their first record in 21years. In many ways they’re like those old dudes in 80s movie Cocoon-their mind is willing but their body is weak. Songs like ‘Hate Hate’ may bleed with the same bravado of old, but ultimately we’re left feeling it’s about time they changed the record. Edwin McFee

DOWNLOAD: ‘Feel the Suck’