Eddie’s Bar-The Photos!

7 10 2009

Well it’s a week since I’ve returned from Portugal and now I’ve some deadlines outta the way-here’s a fraction of the photos of Eddie’s Bar. Just a word of warning though for the casual reader-what follows is a fuck load of snaps of me throwing up the HORNS beside assorted Iron Maiden memorabilia, so if you don’t rock, then it’s best to look elsewhere…

I’ve wanted to visit Eddie’s Bar ever since I saw a poster for it in Woolies in Newry in about 1990. At that point I’d been a Maiden fanatic for two years and now that I’ve finally visited it, I wanna go back again.

Here’s me outside the place…

At that point I was verrrry relieved that the pub was even open. After a taxi journey of about 20minutes I was starting to get nervous that Steve Harris wouldn’t open the place at all. Thankfully he did and myslef about a dozen Maiden fans all had to sit outside and wait 2hours til they opened up at 10pm (they wouldn’t be fans of rushing themselves in Portugal). Oh, I should also add I nearly got run over by the bar staff’s car..

Anyway, once I get in I find myself a seat beside a framed Aces High poster that’s exactly like the one my brother and me had in our bedroom growing up and I begin looking at all the different Maiden nick nacks.


You may notice that we’re standing in front of a Blaze-era Maiden mural. I was really chuffed to see Bayley get as much representation as Bruce and Paul, as he fronted the band during a very difficult time in the band’s history when various UK magazines decided to put the boot in and supported Cobain and Corgan’s decidedly middle class brand of corporate “rebellion” instead of our then “unfashionable” heroes. To be honest it’s a grudge I still bear today and I’ll blog about it at some point, but enough of that. Fuck ’em-anyone who can’t admit that ‘the Edge of Darkness’ isn’t one of the best Maiden songs of all time is a tool-bag as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s me giving a wee thumb’s up to the Blaze photo, drunkenly re-enacting the time he gave me the same salute during the X Factour in Belfast.

It’s about this time where I ended up pretty trousered. After sobering up a little when they took off the ‘Dance of Death’ live DVD for an AC/DC one (why?????) we ended up being befriended by a lovely French bloke who encouraged me to drink his home brew…I ended up looking a bit like this bloke afterwards…

Oh, and if you thought you couldn’t get enough Maiden-even the toilets were themed!

From here on in it’s a bit of a blur-so here’s some photos of me having a wee sit down…


Finally, at about half 2 in the morning we got the lovely bar lady to ring us a taxi home. It was then that I befriended an extremely drunk local who said “Excuse me. I can’t speak the English very well, but how you say…..fuck the police!” Naturally enough I found this to be hilarious and I was taken home before I got into any more trouble.

Up the Irons!