Sunnyside Comics

17 09 2009

This morning I put the finishing touches to my comics pages for AU and took the opportunity to plug the very nice people who produce the Sunnyside Comics podcast. Here’s what I wrote for the October issue and you can find out more by clicking here


Finally this month, we’d like to take this opportunity to plug the Belfast-based podcast Sunnyside Comics. Initially cooked up by Ron Abernethy (of Black Bear Saloon fame) Scott Ferguson and PJ Holden, the three amigos upload all of their output (basically them righting the wrongs of comic-dom from their comfy sofas) via So if (heaven’s forbid) you don’t get enough comics info from your ol’ pals AU, then check it out.


Rancid-Last One To Die

17 09 2009

I don’t care what the punk snobs say-I love me some Rancid.  Their new record ‘Let the Dominoes Fall’ is one of the best of the year and ‘LA River’ is my jam. Sadly they haven’t made a video for it yet, so here’s a clip of their latest single instead.

Oen Sujet NME Review

17 09 2009

Below is a reprint of a review of the Oen Sujet record I did for NME. It seemed to ruffle a few feathers another the faceless folk who frequent message boards on the internet, but fuck ’em. You can’t please everyone, right?





 Coming off like some weird synth-prog soundtrack to a bunch of clowns going shopping, ‘Life Given to Quiet Places’ is a willfully obtuse beast. Packed full of abstract musical phrases and meandering rhythms and textures, the Montreal-based three-piece may be lauded by the clued-in likes of Ladyfest, but sadly Julie-Blanche Taillon’s honeyed vocals can’t save their debut from being a dislocated and disjointed disaster. There are fleeting moments of beauty such as the rousing gang vocals on ‘Bird and Binocular,’ but ultimately the musical passages tend to repeat on you like last night’s pizza. We get the feeling that with a great producer Oen Sujet’s album could’ve soared to the stars but in its current form it’s an unsatisfying effort for all concerned. Edwin McFee

DOWNLOAD: ‘Bird and Binocular’