Remembering Steven Wells

2 09 2009

A couple of months ago Steven Wells died. Like many others, Swells’ scribblings made me want to write for the NME “when I grew up,” and whenever I read his words every  Saturday afternoon after my band practise (aaahhh the 90s…) I always smiled when he slagged off a group I liked, or checked out some random shitty little indie act who he thought were more deserving of the coverage. He didn’t seem to give a fuck what people thought of him and it made me realise that perhaps I wasn’t the only one in the world who had no patience for arseholes after all.

A bunch of his friends and family got together to remember stories about him recently and the very nice James McMahon (he likes wrestling, comics and punk too, so check out his blog posted up the videos on Here’s one of them below and you can check out the rest here




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