31 08 2009

Well, after two months or so pushing the gig, it’s all over and done with and I’d like to thank the bands-Talulah Does The Hula, Pocket Billiards and SilhouettE for a great night. We had a good crowd,all three bands were class and I can’t thank  the people who helped promote it  and those that helped make things run smoothly enough. Over the past few weeks the gig was plugged in newspapers, magazines and  tons of websites and I was pleased that the acts got a decent amount of cash for their hard work.

Thanks to the people that came down and wished me a Happy Birthday too. It’ll all be remembered, and I owe you one.  Next month I helped out on the booking for the punk and metal night (Residual Effect, the Lobotomies and Gacy’s Threads on Oct 2) so come down and I’ll buy you a pint in return.

I’ve been lucky enough to do some things over the last seven years that I’ve been very proud of, but helping to put on Saturday’s show is an acheivement I won’t forget. Normal bloggy service will resume shortly (thanks to Aaron Abernethy  I now have a nifty address, in case you haven’t noticed) so in the meantime, onwards and upwards and up the fuckin’ Irons!