Anti Exhibition

3 07 2009

This Tuesday sees the Launch of the new Anti Exhibition which sees various NI luminaries pay tribute to 10 trail-blazers from the last few decades. I wrote a piece on one of the bands but I’ll keep it under wraps until it’s up and running (in fairness though, it doesn’t take a mind reader to guess who I offered my thoughts on).

Here’s the press release below. You should really check it out-

 Anti / 7 Jul 09 10:00 am-31 Jul 09 5:00 pm / Waterfront Hall / Free

Belfast is often portrayed as a city of two opposing cultures, but throughout the recent history many have chosen to align themselves with a third. The often bleak setting young people in Belfast found themselves in meant that many, feeling no affinity with either of the traditional tribes, through themselves enthusiastically into the music scene. And if that scene embodied a rejection of the status quo, a resounding two fingers to the establishment, then all the better.

Anti is about documenting this part of our culture, ensuring that when people look at the cultural history of Belfast they get more than two tribes.

We asked you to send your answers in on a postcard (both literal postcards and digitally, through forums and networking sites) to let us know what iconic people/places/events/times symbolised Belfast’s alternative heritage for you. Everyone was then invited to debate these symbols and we got together to decide 10-12 iconic subjects for this exhibition.

The list of Belfast’s icons was never going to be exhaustive. We felt it was important to acknowledge the multifaceted web of people, places, things and events that went together to help form this alternative culture. This isn’t about nicely mounted pictures in a white-walled gallery either; this installation is designed to present Belfast’s icons in the quotidian, gritty reality in which they existed. We’ve mounted your icons on toilet walls, so that you can look, praise and defame them at your leisure.



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