Death by Chicken!

6 06 2009

On August 28, I turn the grand old age of 30. Now unlike most people, I’m not really bothered about it at all. I know some dudes make a “things to do before you’re 30” list, but to be honest I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to long before the big three-oh (check me out!). That’s except for one thing of course….and that’s getting a big fuck off bucket of chicken from KFC.

Well readers, you’ll all be thrilled to know I got my inaugural bucket this afternoon and it has pleased me greatly as you can tell…

Oh, if I look tired in the piccy it’s thanks to the hippy fuckers who live next door that thought it’d be cool to have a sing-song of tunes by alledged Jesus Juice aficionado Michael Jackson until 3am. God I hate hippies.




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