The Night That Would Not Die

10 04 2009

Last October I pre-ordered a special Blaze Bayley live DVD. I got news today that’s it’s shipped and by Christ am I excited.

Here’s the message below which made me laugh


All 500 Limited Edition DVDs have now been packaged up and either shipped or due for despatch tomorrow. We thank you very very much for your patience.

We do need to inform you as well that some of the Limited Edition numbers have not been issued strictly in the order of purchase. Where possible we tried to maintain this, but as we were keen to get these despatched before the next leg of The Tour That Would Not Die, it appears that the order numbers may have been disrupted somewhat. For this we apologise.

However….all of you who have held faith in this band and have pre-paid for this DVD have enabled us to complete this project and we thank you for that. YOU are among Blaze Bayley’s 500, regardless of whatever number is on your DVD.

Your support is appreciated greatly.

See you on the road.



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