6 03 2009

A few weeks ago I put the finishing touches to my monthly movie spread in Fate magazine and felt compelled to write this about the new Transformers film in my news section….

Do you like robots? Do you like cars? Do you like watching robots that can change into cars beating seven shades of shite out of each other for entertainment? So do we, so we thought you’d be as thrilled as we are to learn that the trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has hit the web. Featuring a gaggle of new Decepticons such as Soundwave (oh!) Ravage (ooh!) and the Constructicons (treble ooooh!) the movie looks every bit as good as the original and if you find yourself doing a little sex wee in your pants when you see the Constructicons join together to make Devastator, a being so huge it makes Optimus Prime look like that weird boy/girl from the Krankees, then don’t worry. Coz we did too. Revenge of the Fallen is out in July and the trailer is available here Autobots roll-out!


Here is said trailer and I am super excited


I’ll probably get a Decepticon tattoo now as well to match my Autobot one.



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