Quote of the Day #5

25 02 2009

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Luke Steele from Empire of the Sun. I’m really into their single ‘Walking on a Dream’ (it sounds a bit like Tegan and Sara who I adore) but didn’t know what to expect, because frankly they look like transvestite hippies and I hate fuckin’ hippies.

Thankfully it turned out really well. He was clearly off his tits, but good fun nonetheless.

“We shot our videos in Shanghai and Mexico and it was pretty crazy. As soon as we went to Shanghai I found a dress maker on the third floor of this clothing market and he was this guy with three fingers and his whole family worked there. He made my costume in two days and it was the most beautiful garment I’d ever seen. It was one of those times where I felt like God’s hands were on the project because things worked out so effortlessly.” Luke Steele, Jan ’09.