24 02 2009

On Friday night, I jumped straight off the train and headed towards the Odyssey for Kaiser Chiefs, Black Kids and Dananananykroyd as I was there to do a review. While the headliners weren’t the best I’ve ever seen, I am quite partial to Dananananykroyd and in order to convince others of their amazingness (yeah, that’s not really a word) here’s a review I did of their debut for Hot Press.


Hey Everyone (Best Before)

Four out of five


Occupying the same territory as Johnny Foreigner and to a lesser extent our own Fight Like Apes, the impossibly named Dananananaykroyd are the musical equivalent of drinking a six pack of Red Bull. Every track bursts from the speakers like a hyperactive four year old high on gummy bears. ‘Watch This!’ is sonic adrenaline, ‘Black Wax’ is one of the catchiest tunes of the year and ‘The Greater Than Symbol & The Hash’ is as spiky as an iron maiden. As debut records go, Hey Everyone is up there with the very best.


Key Track: ‘The Greater Than Symbol & The Hash’ 

Edwin McFee