Quote of the Day 4

30 01 2009

No matter what way I write this-it’s going to come across as being arsey, but at this stage I’ve pretty much interviewed all of my heroes. Thankfully the majority of them were cool and I’ve no real horror stories to tell and one of the sweetest was Andrea Zollo from the sadly defunct Pretty Girls Make Graves. From the opening bars of ‘Speakers Push the Air’ on their debut ‘Good Health,’ I was utterly in love with them. If you don’t know much about PGMG, they formed from the ashes of one of the all-time greatest groups in the universe Murder CityDevils. I love MCD so much I’ve for tattoos devoted to them (yeah, it’s a bit much). I don’t have any pictures of them,but you can kinda see two of them on my left arm here-

Anywho, a few years ago I got to talk to Andea and I tried my hardest not to do the “Henry Rollins talking to his heroes” voice.  We were going to put the band on the cover of AU as quite a few of us had flown over to England and Scotland to see ’em but sadly, the decision was made to put Muse on the front instead. It wasn’t a move I was in any way happy with, but fuck it. So here’s today’s quote from the lovely Ms Zollo.Enjoy.

“I knew from the start of Pretty Girls Make Graves that people would be pissed. All those stories and rumours surrounding Murder City Devils’ split were ridiculous. No-one knows what goes on in a band unless you’re the people in that specific band. People tried to paint me out as the Yoko Ono of the scene-it was hilarious! I know how it must have looked, but Murder City didn’t break up because of our band. It’s just the way things went and I’ve known those guys [Murder City Devils] for years. They worked their asses off touring and so much shit went down. Most people don’t know this, but Leslie was actually an alcoholic-which is ironic because that band are so well-known for writing songs about drinking. Anyway, she kept it hidden for ages and the band didn’t even know about it. By the end of the Murder City Devils she was a total mess and it all took its toll I guess. If people want to blame me for their break up then let them. They don’t know what they talking about.” Andrea Zollo, June ’06.



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