Quote of the Day #2

8 01 2009

Ever since I first decided to become a features journalist, I never wanted to be a punk writer or a genre writer. I always wanted to write about everything under the sun and I hate the idea of pigeon-holing myself.With that in mind, my quote of the day comes from Neighbours heart-throb Jason Donovan. A couple of years ago he was fresh out of I’m a Celebrity and in Belfast for a press junket. I headed down to the Europa hotel nice and early and sat waiting for him to arrive. We ended up getting on like a house on fire and it turned into a really great piece. He even stopped his next interview mid-way to come over and say goodbye and he was a thoroughly candid, charming and decent bloke. A lot of music journos may balk at the idea of saying Jason was cool, but they’re all dicks anyway. The moral of this story? Never judge a book by it’s cover.

“I took the job as Joseph because it paid the bills. Everyone needs to work and that was just another job for me. I remember one specific night where I was standing backstage in a loin cloth and I was listening to Nirvana wondering what the hell I was doing with my life. I think that was the start of my arsehole phase.” Jason Donovan, March ’07.