16 12 2008

Back in 2003, Tim Armstrong and Brody Dalle made two break up albums about their personal lives. Being a fan of both Rancid and the Distillers, I was interested to see what they would come up with in light of Tim’s former lady hooking up with Josh Homme and the results were pretty mixed when all was said and done. Rancid’s ‘Indestructible’ won the battle with ‘Fall Back Down,’ ‘Start Now,’ ‘Ghost Band’ and the rare track ‘Tattoo’ all being as close to perfect as you can get and the Distillers’ patchy ‘Coral Fang’ failed to live up to ‘Sing Sing Death House’s’ potential (though ‘Die On a Rope’ was brilliant-especially the scathing lyric-“I wish you didn’t love me no more, I’ve been dead for years.”).

A year or so later the Distillers broke up and Brody took some time out for herself. After a few years in the wilderness she’s back with a new band-Spinerette. After a few listens I’m far from impressed by this mess of a single and it’s hard not to hear Homme’s influence bleed through the speakers. To be honest I’m a bit disappointed in the tune.I was always a Distillers fan (I even flew over to London to see them and Pretty Girls Make Graves) but ‘Ghetto Love’ just sounds like a b-side from the recent piss poor Queens of the Stone Age album. I hate saying it, but it’s true. Hopefully the rest of the record will prove me wrong.


Tim 2, Brody 0.



2 responses

7 01 2009
Michael smyth

I agree with you on the aull ghetto love it has homme all over it. Claire thinks it sounds like girls aloud. I have to say I quite likes era vulgaris it had it’s moments.I can’t see spinnerettes album, if and when there is one, being much different. Did you know that kat von d is playing bass on the up and coming desert sessions. Have you heard radio vago, the bass player from them plays bass on that spinnerette record. They are much better than spinnerette they were on buddyhead you should have a listen.

8 01 2009

aye apparently kat von d is on the new eagles of death metal album too.i hate qotsa these days.everything they do is increasingly worse.i interviewed them last christmas and josh pulled out at the last minute coz he said he was too sick to talk and i could clearly hear him mouthing off in the background.they were good at oxegen 07 though!

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