9 12 2008

So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m just back from a brilliant trip to London this weekend. Over the space of a few days we caught the Annie Leibovitz exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery (what I liked I really liked and what I didn’t I pretty much hated) saw the Voodoo Glow Skulls, the Peacocks and more in the Camden Underworld, caught some stand up comedy (apparently the comic couldn’t think of any jokes to do with me being a music journalist) did lots of shopping and went to (wait for it) the London Bridge Experience.

The LBE is a new attaction that’s right beside the London Dungeon, which I adore. After being greeted with some undead types giving out flyers we decided to take a chance on this new place and I’m glad we did. For about an hour and a half we had the shite scared out of us with the highlight being the London Tombs at the end. This was where they used to throw the poor fuckers during the plague days and they led us down in the pitch black, gave us hard hats and basically told us to find our own way out. It was pitch black (apart from a super creepy strobe light) and as we all shuffled around in the dark, actors dressed as wombies jumped out as us. It was like being in a horror film and I loved it. I, of course, didn’t scream once coz I’m hard as nails…..

I have to say if you’ve any interest in horror/acting the eijit, then this place is for you. www.thelondonbridgeexperience.com



One response

10 12 2008
Karen Quinn

sounds totally class. all I want for Christmas is a trip to London!!

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