The Luchagors

2 12 2008

While I am recommending some new bands today on Blogging a Dead Horse, then check out the mighty fine Luchagors featuring former wrestler Amy Dumas (Lita) as their singer.

Normally I’m a little wary of bands like these but after listening to the four tracks up on their MySpace ( I love ’em. Better yet, they’re coming to Belfast next April, so if you like Distillers-esque riffage then have a wee click on their profile and go along to the show.



3 responses

6 05 2009

Hey Edwin,

Just noticed this post! Not sure if you noticed but this has been rescheduled for July.. I was just wondering if you could help get the word out about it in any of the magazines/papers etc you write for?

If there’s anything you could do, it’d be mucho appreciated.

-Gogs xx

7 05 2009

Hey Gogs,
is Amy giving interviews? I’ll definitely get something somewhere for you closer to the time. will send you an email in a few days. if you don’t hear back from me give us a shout.


8 05 2009

I’d say interviews are possible.. shall I ask ’em? x

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