He’s Just A Sexy Boy

14 11 2008

Well after slabbering in my blog yesterday about always hoping Shawn Michaels would turn up in Belfast but never does, he only bloody made an appearence last night!

JBL came out and had his usual “America’s great” promo and mentioned kicking Michael’s ass.I was trying not to get my hopes up but once his music hit I was well chuffed. I even did a wee dance as he made his way to the ring. The da’s in the crowd were amused.

Needless to say I was as happy as a dog with two Mickeys. All in all it was a brilliant night. Batista led a tribute to Eddie Guererro (he died three years ago to the day) and they played his music. Got to see Santino too but sadly he wasn’t playing a heel which kinda sucked.



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