You’ve been burned by my lighter!!

10 11 2008

Well, today in Blogging a Dead Horse-land this writer has found himself well and truly rocked the fuck out. To say Hermano lived up to my hopes was an understatement as it was probably one of my favourite gigs ever (up there with RFTC,Dwarves,Maiden,Misfits,Mozza,Cure,Therapy? etc).

First off, the venue (Andrew’s Lane Theatre) is great. Nice big size, looks a bit like a warehouse/the blood bath scene in Blade and there was plenty of room onstage. They kicked off with my favourite song of theirs (‘Cowboy’s Suck’) and from there both Garcia and their guitarist Dave Angstrom were on fire (he even played a bit of Maiden’s ‘Number of the Beast’ and gave me a wee grin).

By and large it was a pefect show. No pointless solos, no jazz wankery, no egos. Just pure, punk-infused riffage, vocals like melted chocolate and a low-end as heavy as Beelzebub’s ball bag. The band (who all have day jobs and only tour 2weeks of the year) looked like they were having a blast too.

As if the night couldn’t go any better, they played two Kyuss songs at the end (‘Thumb’ and ‘Green Machine’) and the place errupted. Having never heard Kyuss tunes live before if was such an amazing moment and it’s a shame Josh won’t get the finger out and do some one-offs (who the fuck likes QOTSA these days anyway?).During the day I was wetter than an otter’s under-carriage due to tramping about in the rain, but once they stepped onstage it didn’t seem to matter.

Not only was the set flawless, but they didn’t outstay their welcome either (I hate when bands wank on for too long) and I even got a few signatures. Fingers crossed they’ll be back soon.

If anyone’s interested, check them out here




2 responses

10 11 2008
Claire Doodle

awk balls. we were going to go to this but would’ve had to drive back up to pick up baby afterward so decided it would be too much trouble.
I hope there’s a next time!

10 11 2008

Yeah I was surprised you pair weren’t there.It was so good Claire. You should’ve smuggled him in.He woulda loved it!

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