McFee Smash!

3 11 2008

Well, you’ll all be glad to know I survived Hallowe’en and the hangover has finally gone. Today has been spent writing up my Airbourne interview (check out this week’s 24/7 for the piece) and sorting out a few bits and bobs and now I’m done for the day.An hour or two ago i happened upon this really cool blog Basically it’s all about some dude in America’s Hulk collection and I’m uber-jealous of his fine array of curiosities.  

Now as some know, I’m a huge comic fan and the Hulk is my favourite character. Over the years I’ve amassed a few hundred issues of the title as well as trades, hardcovers, action figures etc etc but sadly we don’t get as many cool stuff over here in Ireland as the Yanks do. Still, I’ve some great stuff that I love such as my zombie hulk and she-hulk, a few tshirts, a nice big tattoo and these really cool christmas lights that won’t work, but I always want more.

My first ever Hulk comic was an old Marvel UK hardback annual which reprinted the story “What if Rick Jones became the Hulk” (It was basically old Jade Jaws sporting a mullet) that I bought during the Earywig festival in High Street in Newry during the 80s. I absolutely loved it even though it was an alternate universe story and from there I watched the old Bix Bixby TV show, got an action figure for christmas and all the rest. I started reading comics at a pretty young age. My first one was an issue of Transformers that my Ma bought me to shut me up while my brother was getting fitted for braces, but it wasn’t until I was 11 (1991) that I began picking up Marvel books from Newsround, the Leprechaun and Eason’s. My first ones were the Punisher, the X-Men, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk. My first Hulk issue was a Peter david penned/Dale Keown pencilled Infinity Gauntlet cross-over issue (number 385 to be exact) and I loved their fresh take on the character.

It was the supporting cast I liked the best though. Rick and Marlo Jones and Betty Banner were great characters and gave some much needed comic relief to the title. Since then, I’ve spent my time religiously buying the book, wishing they’d make Rick/Marlo/Betty action figures and generally looking at the images below and wishing I could buy them.

The Mighty Mugg above is a customised piece that a fan made to tie in with the Planet Hulk story-line. It makes me very jealous and annoyed that I suck at art. Anyway, at the moment I’m really hoping to get my hands on a Red Hulk figure and the whole line of Marvel Legends Hulk toys (specifically Son of Hulk, Hulk:the End and She Hulk) so if anyone ever spots them let me know! Oh, I’d also love a pair of Abomination hands and these super cool mini-mates!

I think in many ways I won’t be happy until I have a room in my house that looks a bit like this…

This month I’m going to my first ever comic convention ( We’ve our room booked for the weekend at the hotel and I’m really far too excited about the whole thing. I’ve always wanted to go to a con (as us fanboys call it) and am hoping it will be as good as some of the American ones and people will dress up. Check out this bloke as Zombie Hulk. How cool is he?

Sadly, the same can’t be said for this pair though…

Anway, I’m sure I’ll be covering the event in a few magazines so keep your eyes peeled for more and if you want to pick up a Hulk Trade or three then have a look at Hulk:ther End premiere edition (purely for the Future Imperfect story) Dogs of War, Planet Hulk,World War Hulk and the Peter David Visionaries series.

Excelsior, True Believers!




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