Needles and Pins

30 10 2008

This week it looks like I’m finally going to get back into Skullduggery ( to book in for a new tattoo (though having said that, I’ll probably end up having to do an interview at the last minute).I’ve 12 tattoos at the moment and haven’t had a new one in about 10months. I decided to give myself a few months off, but work got in the way and I haven’t had a spare minute sadly. Fingers crossed I’ll get my features wrapped up tomorrow to call in. I’ve decided to a burning heart with a scroll reading ‘Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me’ on my right inner bicep (I’m running out of room on the old arms) as well as a pair of lips too.

I’ve always meant to get proper photos done of the ones I have but for some reason never got round to it.I did finally get a pic of the Hulk/Bruce Banner one on my left forearm though (I’ve been reading the title since ’91) so here it is if you fancy a wee look.



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30 10 2008

That looks brilliant but it has got to have hurt ? Thought this was going to be an Alice Cooper post, didn’t expect David Banner 🙂

30 10 2008

it’s never as painful as you might think actually, though it stings a bit on bones. my elbow and shoulder weren’t much fun!

for the record though-in the comics it’s robert bruce banner and in the tv show it was david banner!i wouldn’t be a true fanboy if i didn’t correct ya 😛

31 10 2008


I realised the difference in the post when I re-read and went off to check…. I was educated by good old wiki. I hadn’t realised they had changed the name for TV. I used to love the hulk right up to the last minute of each show. The scene when he walks away with that depressing piano made me sad every time.

31 10 2008

yeah, apparently the TV bosses thought Bruce Banner sounded a bit silly and “a bit gay”

don’t get it myself, but that’s what Stan Lee said.

yeah, that music was great. poor old Bill Bixby

16 12 2008
The Incredible Hulk and Robert Bruce Banner Tattoo @ Geeky Tattoos

[…] Eric McFee is the proud owner of this beautifully done splash page of the Incredible Hulk (as drawn by Dale Keown) on his arm. He’s a little bit of a fan of Hulk, having several hundred issues, trades, hardcovers, t-shirts and more and has been following Mr. Banner for many years. It’s not his only tattoo though, as he has about a dozen. This one was done by Hell*n at Skullduggery Tatu in Belfast, which is in Northern Ireland. […]

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