let’s get the party started

11 09 2008

Ok, after a life-time spent mistrusting those odd little boxes that make funny noises (I hear cyber fans call them “com-put-ers”) I’ve decided to try to get to know the internet-world a little better and enter the realm of blogs. Needless to say, this won’t be an “I found a grey hair in my downstairs mix-up, oh woe is me” kinda thing. It’ll be about my adventures as a freelance music journalist and feature odd little stories about things that happen along the way, so buckle up and try not to take everything too seriously.

Just to recap, here are some of the things I’ve gotten up to recently. Over the summer I found myself at the Download Festival at Donington. While I’m by no means a metaller (though curiously these days the reflection looking back at me in the mirror would tell you otherwise) I was over there to see just two bands-KISS and Valient Thorr.Oh yeah, I was there to work too, but that’s besides the point… it was a fun weekend that saw us share a hotel with Motorhead,Ace Frehley and the aforementioned KISS and at one point I sang ‘Love Gun’ at 2am  in the corridors in the hope that Paul Stanley would pop his head out of his room and invite me in for some chat. As the Nu Hairy Cornflake that is Justin Lee Collins might say-“good times.”

After that was Morrissey and Siouxsie in Dublin then Iron Maiden at Twickenham, which was possibly the best time I’ve ever seen them. Those gigs were closely followed by Oxegen. Now Oxegen was a funny one this year. These days most internet types enjoy turning their nose up at the legion of GAA clad clans that frequent the festival, but they don’t bother me too much. I usually find a stern ‘go fuck yourself’ will ensure a safe and fun time. Most of my weekend was spent running around like a mental patient in order to write a few thousand words on-site trying to make the Hot Press deadline, but I can’t really complain.

After that it was Belsonic (while none of the line-up appealed to my tastes, it was cool to see an event like that in Belfast and for a brief moment it looked like a ‘proper’ city)then showing the NME around NI’s capital city, reviewing  Muse and Metallica in Dublin (I swear I’m not a metaller) and then I packed my bags to go off on tour with easily one of the best new bands around Fight Like Apes.I spent the weekend travelling with them as they played Reading and Leeds and enjoyed several surreal moments such as having a swordfish dinner with Brandon from the Killers and generally behaving like a degenerate in the middle of the day. I’ve lots of stories to tell about that weekend acutally, but will talk more about it later when the feature is published…

At the moment I’m getting ready to fly over to London to interview Cliff Richard (yep) then cover the Nickelback gig at the odyssey (double yep) so I will post more later.Promise.





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